I can still remember the lime-colored health shake endorsed by my fellow co-worker. No doubt Paleo-approved, this semi-liquid concoction was supposedly responsible for faster “Fran” times and improved athletic performance. Such was my first introduction to the world of Crossfit. I then stumbled upon a few Crossfit Games broadcasts on ESPN during some late-night channel surfing. My interest in this new form of exercise was slowly growing.

I have always been a fairly athletic individual and played multiple sports through school, but the world of Olympic weightlifting was new to me. I had also injured my shoulder a few years ago and was hesitant to push my limits too far. Pushups, pull-ups, and basic weightlifting maneuvers were no problem, but I was unsure about the dynamic movements with heavy weights. Nonetheless, in due time, I discovered there was a Crossfit gym in the local area.

After a few trial classes, I decided to join the local box. The learning curve was somewhat steep the first few weeks, but an hour or two watching Youtube instructional videos the night prior to class helped me survive the WODs. I tend to measure the quality of a workout by my degree of soreness the next day, and these workouts were definitely pushing my limits. With burpees, squats, and cleans quickly becoming a way of life and Linda, Murph, and Filthy Fifty slowly creeping into my vocabulary, I was on my way to being a genuine Crossfitter.

After six months of completing about three Crossfit workouts per week, my strength and general level of physical conditioning are both significantly improved. Competing against other athletes is definitely motivating, and I continue to make increases in my lifts and improve my times. I am not completely sold on the Paleo diet, but I do make a conscientious effort to eat healthy foods. Overall, my Crossfit experience has been rewarding with few drawbacks.


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