More Antiques

Vacation days really are a dangerous thing for me as I once again stumbled upon another antique store. This time I discovered an old Frabill’s metal minnow bucket. It turns out Frabill’s is still in business and still selling fishing equipment; in fact, a modern-day minnow bucket from this company can be purchased from Cabella’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods. This one looks like it is in pretty good condition except for some missing lettering; underneath the Frabill’s logo, the “WADE BUCKET” lettering is mostly gone.  Nine dollars was probably a good deal as I spotted the exact same one for sale on for $22.

13 October 2015 001

I managed to find another pretty cool piece; this one being a 1968 Chein Company Revolutionary War tin wastebasket. On one side is a recruiting poster demonstrating the progression of firing and reloading a rifle as well as the date and location of this specific recruiting event and the benefits of enlisting in the Continental Army.

13 October 2015 00713 Oct 004

On the other side are pictures of three Revolutionary War-era soldiers accompanied by a short history and job description. The first picture is a 1781 New Jersey Infantry Officer. The description tells of the regiment’s early defeats in New York and subsequent victories in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

13 Oct 002

The middle picture details a 1794 Dragoon Orderly. These highy trained troops were used effectively during the Revolutionary War and in later campaigns against the Indians in the early 1790s.

13 Oct 001

The final picture is a 1786 Artilleryman; these soldiers were used in the frontier region to protect U.S. interests from any hostile Indian activity.

13 Oct 003

While not in mint condition, I do think this collectible was a good deal for $5 as I spotted similar items selling online between $20 and $35

. 13 October 2015 00513 Oct 005


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