Antique Alley Arkansas

So I decided to visit the Antique Alley Arkansas Antique Show this past weekend. Basically, this event consisted of about two hundred antiques dealers in a convention center with booths of various items for sale. The criteria at this particular event stipulated that over eighty-five percent of the items for sale must have been made before 1950. After paying the five dollar entrance fee and recieving my ultraviolet admission stamp, I proceeded to peruse the various wares for sale. It didn’t take long for me to realize this event was probably aimed towards an older generation than the millenial one to which I belong… I think my first clue was the sock hop music blaring from the loud speaker overhead. Nonetheless, I managed to find a few booths with some interesting advertising and collectible items.

9 Nov 2015 pics 0339 Nov 2015 pics 031

While I did not buy anything at this convention, I have bought a couple pieces from estate sales recently. I think one of my favorite finds so far is this fairly large Dazy Churn and Manufacturing Company butter churn. Judging from my brief internet research, it looks like these can sell for anywhere from $150 to $250. Based in St. Louis, this company produced kitchen products in the first half of the twentieth century; other items they made include juicers, knife sharpeners, and smaller versions of a butter churn. This one looks to be in pretty good condition; either it was never used or maybe I bought a reproduction. Nonetheless, definitely an interesting find with some unique history. Now all I need is a few quarts of heavy whipping cream, and I can be making industrial-sized portions of butter in no time!

9 Nov 2015 pics 029

9 Nov 2015 pics 0249 Nov 2015 pics 023

Another purchase I like is this Bertels Can Company popcorn tin. Based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, this company produced tins with various college, company, and decorative designs until they were acquired by the Independent Can Company a few years ago. This piece is not in perfect condition with rust in a few places, but I think $5 was a pretty good bargain.

9 Nov 2015 pics 026


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