To Bike or Not to Bike

Early one morning a few weeks ago I had the grand idea that I was going to attempt to bike to work. Granted, I was unsure of the route and do not actually currently own a bicycle, but these seemed to be minor issues compared to the benefits this activity would surely provide. After a bit of research, I discovered there is a fairly safe route to my workplace, and the total distance would be about thirteen miles each way.

Online bicycle advocacy websites cite many benefits of bicycle commuting to include saving money on gas and car costs, cardiovascular exercise, and fresh air. There was even a line that a bad day at the office could be changed by the rush of endorphins experienced while riding a bike home on a beautiful day. I think this idealistic picture nearly persuaded me to buy a bicycle immediately. After all, endogenous morphine sounds like a winner to me. To my dismay, it sounds like endorphins may only be release after a certain exertional threshold is reached such as 60% or 70% of a person’s VO2 max. Hmmm, I’m not sure how fast I would need to be pedaling to reach these numbers, but I’m sure I could make it work.

The next part of my master plan would be the purchase of a bike. After looking in a few local bike stores, it seemed like a decent hybrid commuting bicycle would cost about $500. As it stands currently, I am considering a Trek 7.2 FX and a Marin Fairfax SC2. I think both would be reasonable options, but the Trek brand seems to have a longer history with hybrid bicycles.

As for the route itself, the majority of the distance has either a sidewalk or paved path available. Technically, I do not think bicycles are allowed to be ridden on sidewalks, but I doubt it would be a problem in this area. There are a couple areas where I would need to ride along the shoulder, so I hope bright clothing and reflective gear will alert drivers of my presence. I have driven the route many times and am pretty confident this plan is possible.

According to statistics, Arkansas is not the most bicycle-friendly state; in fact, most of the top cities for cycling seemed to be college towns. I’m not sure if cost or environmental activism are the main reasons for these statistics, but aspects of both are probably responsible. It also seems like other countries view cycling as more of a mode of transportation than the average American. Our highways and transportation network are probably the cause for this difference.

Also, I believe commuting by bicycle might be a small step towards ending dependence on foreign oil. Granted, saving five gallons per week is probably not going to significantly alter America’s total gasoline use, but it would be a start. The principles of supply and demand would no doubt apply to this situation.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I will continue to consider purchasing the bike. There seem to be many benefits, but initial cost and the time commitment are also factors to consider.




4 thoughts on “To Bike or Not to Bike

  1. Good luck!
    I really enjoy riding to work, there’s definitely some truth in that comment about a ride home making a bad day a little better. It might not be the endorphins, but it is good to have some time to clear your head and feel like you’re still ticking the exercise box after a long day of sitting down. Every day I ride, I save money on gas and parking.
    I was lucky enough to have someone loan me a bike for a while. That allowed me to try riding to work thing before I handed over a small fortune in a bike shop. Maybe there’s a second hand bike place near you? Or a keen cycling friend who might be willing to share their addiction.
    It’s nice to be able to ride the route on a stress free weekend too, so you have a good idea of how long it will take when you’re racing to work in the morning.
    I’ll stop rambling at you now! I just wanted to send some virtual encouragement across the Atlantic.

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  2. In the summer I used to ride my bike to work…. but then again it was less than a mile. Even though it was such a short commute, it took a little bit of getting used to riding along cars and not letting them intimidate you. I do have a Trek… not sure what model it is, but it has been good to me. Good luck !


  3. I know this reply is somewhat delayed, but I thought I would update my bike situation. I did buy the TREK 7.2 FX bicycle and have really enjoyed riding it. I tried commuting to work a few times, but I almost felt it was more work than it was worth. Between packing clothes, stopping at intersections, and waking up earlier, it just seemed like it was too much. However, I have been riding regularly on the weekend on some paved trails, and this has been very enjoyable. Maybe I am on the lazy side, but I like being able to just ride without having to worry about stoplights, other vehicles, road hazards, etc… Thanks again for the encouragement and advice.


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