Bohnhoffer- Then and Now

I have been reading the book Bohnhoffer recently, and some comparisons can be made between his time and today. Dietrich Bohnhoffer was a theologian who lived in Germany during the Third Reich. He was part of a resistance movement designed to counter the policies of the Nazi government. His involvement eventually led to imprisonment and execution. Fortunately, his life is well-chronicled in this book, so future generations can learn his story.

By no means should the U.S. government be compared to Nazi Germany, but the church and Christians need to be the salt and light when sinful policies are implemented. Unfortunately, the influence of the church has slowly lessened over the past fifty years. It began with outlawing prayer, the Bible, and Creation in schools, and with children no longer learning right and wrong, the sexual revolution of the seventies was born. The Separation of Church and State is commonly cited as constitutional proof for these types of laws, but this clause was originally intended to prevent the state from interfering with the church.

Unfortunately, when Biblical concepts are not taught at an early age, people do not know the truth or simply choose to ignore it. An influential book for me has been The Battle for the Mind written by Tim LaHaye (yes, the same author of the Left Behind series.) Basically, this book outlines the forces which compete for the thought and beliefs of young people. For example, someone who is constantly exposed to liberal theology, politics, causes, etc… will have a significantly different viewpoint than someone whose influences are different. The book continues by identifying certain realms where this battle occurs such as churches, the media, universities, schools, government, etc… My eyes were really opened to the importance of diligently filtering information after reading this book.

The Battle for the Mind

And, of course, if you want to begin a controversial discussion, abortion is always a reliable place to start. I work in the medical field, so I have a little experience with this topic. I worked with an attending physician who did not prescribe birth control because of his Catholic faith. Granted, there are many forms of birth control with some preventing conception and others terminating the process further down the line, but his prescribing habits were affected by the Catholic concept of sanctity of life. Similarly, the Hobby Lobby and Catholic nun group’s lawsuit against mandated health insurance for birth control is a similar situation. Their religious beliefs regarding sanctity of life prevent them from consciously allowing …

I attended college where the founder was an important figure in the Moral Majority. Granted, I do not remember the eighties, but the basic idea behind the movement was the church needs to have a voice in the realm of politics, current events, etc… When there is no resistance to unbiblical laws, anything goes. This situation is similar to Dietrich Bonhoffer, who realized the Nazi government was committing very serious crimes, and something needed to be done.

In summary, I think it can be dangerous when the influence of the church is lessened. Granted, not every governmental decision will be perfect, but Christians should be actively involved in the realms of politics, economics, business, etc…




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