Memphis Zoo


So this past weekend I decided to accept an invitation to go to the Memphis Zoo. I was a little hesitant as I had heard the I-40 bridge across the Mississippi River had been block by BlackLivesMatter protesters, but apparently this demonstration had been resolved.


Upon a recommendation from a friend, our first stop was Central barbecue. The decision to eat here was a good one as their pork barbecue, ribs, sides, and cheesecake were all very good. It is normally a good sign when a restaurant requires a parking attendant to direct traffic.


I think I recall some distant historical trivia about Memphis being one of the ancient Egyptian cities, and this fact probably contributed to the African theme of the zoo. Granted, I do not think I have gone to a zoo or similar venue since my trip to the Baltimore Aquarium in middle school, so I guess I was due for some animal education. I was surprised the ticket price was fairly cheap at $15… I guess I am accustomed to $50 amusement park tickets.


There were quite a few different areas in the park divided into regional classes. These included China, Africa, the Tetons, cats, primates, etc…It was definitely enjoyable walking around the park; however, I am not sure how I feel ethically about zoos as these animals didn’t really seem to be happy there. Granted, during one of the sea lion shows the narrator discussed how most of these animals were rescued from bad situations, so that is a positive story. In a small way, these animals in there cages reminded me of my work cubicle. Lack stimulation and freedom, these animals seemed bored and lazy; I guess I can relate. After four hours walking around the park, we called it a day.


My friend and I did make a stop at the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid before the trip home. I am not the biggest outdoorsman, so I wasn’t really interested in buying a boat, hunting clothes, or anything else they were selling, but they did have some neat educational exhibits about duck hunting. A trip up the elevator to the top of the pyramid did lead to some nice views of the Mississippi River and industrial Memphis. IMG_0056IMG_0059IMG_0061IMG_0071IMG_0064IMG_0075IMG_0078IMG_0079IMG_0087IMG_0090


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