Alabama Sights

I just finished spending some time in the state of Alabama. Since I live in the deep South, this experience wasn’t that big of a change; however, there were some unique parts. I passed the driving time by listening to an Edward Snowden audiobook. I never knew exactly what to make of his story. It almost seemed like he managed to pull off the equivalent of a high-stakes jewelry heist in the cyber world, but he’s portrayed as irreparably damaging national security. I haven’t finished the book yet, so I guess the verdict is still in the air.

In Montgomery, I did find it odd that the First White House of the Confederacy and Martin Luther King Jr.’s church were literally on the same block. I mean, one was the headquarters for the Confederate South and all it represented while the other was epicenter for the Civil Rights movement a century later. I enjoyed visiting both of these spots during my walk in downtown Montgomery. I also saw the spot where Rosa Parks started the Montgomery bus boycotts as well as the Montgomery Capitol where the Selma march ended. Lots of history was packed into this downtown area.

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail was another highlight of my trip as I managed to sneak onto the course after a half day at work. I think the course doubles as some sort of nature reserve as there was lots of wildlife in the area. I saw a some different looking brown-faced squirrels during the round; not sure if they’re unique to this area. Also saw some blue heron types of birds as well as the iconic cypress trees. While my score was nothing special, it was definitely a memorable time on the links.

My final stop was the  Barber Motorsports museum in Birmingham. I am not a motorcycle enthusiast by any means, but this place is supposedly the largest motorcycle museum in the world. They basically have motorcycles displayed from all time periods and countries, and the history was really interesting. I especially liked the Ducati sport bikes and early European motorcycles. Unfortunately, I visited on a day when there was not a race at the venue, but maybe some other time.


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