Books, Newspapers, and Television… Oh my!

I’m not exactly sure when I started to develop an affinity for coffee table books, but reading this literature has become a hobby over the past few months. My gateway book was innocent enough, an oversized hardback detailing the history of Shaker furniture. The pictures and background information provided just the right amount of material to pique my interest and hold my attention. While a novel requires my full concentration to comprehend the content, I can mindlessly browse through these books without missing too much information. This interest was further fostered by books detailing the Civil War, world religions, golf, etc…

Of course, I still enjoy reading the good old-fashioned newspaper every once in a while. A Sunday edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is generally worth the two dollars. Granted, news around these parts is generally pretty low key; I mean, the Arkansas Razorbacks and pollution of the Buffalo River can only generate so many articles. Right?

My other source of entertainment is television. Despite the outrageous cost of cable and cringing every time I see my AT&T bill, I’m a sucker for sports, old movies, American Pickers, cooking shows, and, of course, that occasional of Fox News fix. Unfortunately, since I pay so much for cable, I think I need to “get my money’s worth,” which inevitably leads me to watching too much. Has television become an idol in my life? I hope not. But if time spent on an activity is an way to judge priorities, then I’m not completely sure.

It’s hard to believe that all this entertainment can be accomplished while sitting on a cushion of my couch. I guess I spend a lot of my time either sleeping, working, or enjoying down time on the couch. Of course I routinely exercise, cook, and socialize, but I guess the correct term for me would be introvert.


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