Yanks and Rebs

I’m not exactly sure what triggered my sudden fascination with Civil War history, but having three weeks of vacation to spend in the Piedmont region of Virginia probably contributed. I wrote about my trip to Tredegar Iron Works in my last post, and that was definitely a neat place. I also had a chance to visit the Mannassas battlefield as well. The first and second battles of Bull Run were fought at this location and really served as the first major conflict of the Civil War. The battlefields were setup with artillery pieces positioned similarly to the actual battle, and there was a pretty big area for walking and observing the preserved buildings from that time.

I also had the chance to visit the Wilderness Civil War site when there were some demonstrations taking place. There was a Union Cavalry demonstration as well as Ulysses S. Grant discussing the Wilderness Campaign strategy with his Generals. I toured the Ellwood house which served as the Union headquarters for a time. There was a Union camp setup complete with sutler, headquarters, and sleeping tents. One of my favorite parts was hearing the story of Stonewall Jackson’s arm burial and grave. I guess this legendary Confederate general was wounded and later died due to injuries sustained in the area. It sounds like Wal-Mart had been trying to build a store on one of the Wilderness battlefields a while back, but preservation efforts prevailed.

I then drove to Chancellorsville to see the sites here. This battle proved to be another  surprise rebel victory. The Confederates were able to once-again out-maneuver the Union armies and deal a blow to them. The museum was interesting, and the tour was pretty good.

After visiting these sites, I decided to pickup a copy of Marching Through Culpeper to further learn about life during this period. While I haven’t finished the book, it does really provide insight into the time period and region where a lot of battles and maneuvering occurred. I had always imagined the North as possessing the moral high ground during the war, but from some of the stories;it seems like the Union often took advantage of situations. Regardless, I have enjoyed visiting these sites over the past few weeks.


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