More Recent Happenings

Unfortunately, a lot of the time and energy I would normally use to blog has been usurped by my job. Don’t get me wrong, my current job is way better than my last one, but it is just much busier. I do spend a lot of time thinking though, and sometimes it feels good to get those thoughts written. I recently returned from a visit back home. It seems like things are so simple back home: God, family, country, job, … just the basics. It seems like somewhere along the line things became complicated.

I work in a hospital, and it sometimes feels like groundhog’s day. Everyday, I see the same people and do the same thing. I wonder if anyone else can relate? I previously had outlets to include crossfit, cycling, and basketball, but those have largely been replaced by more work. I now water the lawn and jog around the neighborhood, which can both be therapeutic in their own right, but gone are the days of hours of leisure activity without a second thought.

I recently celebrated my thirty-first birthday. It’s hard to believe that I’m that old, but I think I’ve had a good life so far with many good experiences. My brother and significant other came into town and we saw the movie Solo, played topgolf, and ate at an overpriced restaurant on the Riverwalk. (I’m didn’t realize a shrimp, bacon-wrapped quail leg, mushroom, and stuffed jalepeno could cost twelve dollars) The atmosphere and location must have contributed to the cost.

I had a patient a few days ago who talked a lot about God. Granted, he was demented, but it made me think about how little I hear about God these days. It seems like outside of church I rarely hear about spiritual matters. I guess that is to be expected if people do not believe in God, but I do not think that has always been the case. I think God and spiritual matters had previously been much more prominent in the daily activities of society. I recently read part of The Miracle At Philadelphia, which discusses the Constitutional Convention of 1787. It seems like these founding presidents relied upon God for their daily tasks and regularly discussed spiritual topics which I do not find to be typical where I work. It may just be a sign of the end times…



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