Crossfit Anniversary

As I approach the one year mark of starting Crossfit, I thought I would reflect on my time spent inside the box. Overall, my experience has been good as I have definitely become stronger and improved my general level of athletic conditioning. Some examples of this improvement are a new maximum bench press of 195 pounds and a new maximum deadlift of 275 pounds. I don’t think I have necessarily been working to increase these specific numbers; I would attribute most of the improvement to putting in the effort during the daily workouts.

Crossfit Grief Pic

I have also recently invested in a couple of tools with the hope that these would help improve my performance in certain areas. One of these is a subscription to Box Life magazine. This magazine usually has some pretty good tips for improving certain lifts, and the athlete profiles are also pretty good. I’ve also been tempted to buy the Normatec Pulse Recovery System from their advertisements, but I’m afraid spending $1,600 on this device cannot be justified in my case.

Crossfit Kool-Aid

I also bought some gymnastics grips to prevent rips and tears during workouts with high numbers of repititions of pull-ups or extensive barbell work. Maybe I’ve gone soft with this purchase, but I am just not a fan of missing workouts due to these annoying tears which can easily be prevented.

Crossfit Reebok

I also bought one of the SR-1 speed jump ropes. I was always amazed when other people would do such high numbers of  double unders with ease; I now realize they were probably using one of these speed ropes. This rope is definitely good for a quick workout when traveling or when access to a gym is not available. However, I probably should have heeded the manufacturer’s warning of not using the rope on a paved surface as the metal wire on mine is now exposed.

Crossfit Pic